Digital Document Imaging & Photo Storage for Windows

Documage allows you to quickly store and organize your documents and photos as digital images. The extensive search capability and results grid make retrieval a breeze!

Some of the benefits of document imaging include eliminating your paper storage space in your office, saving costly labor of employees searching file cabinets for documents, and improving customer service by being able to quickly e-mail a document as a PDF.

How many times a day do employees have to go to the file cabinets to find an invoice? How long do they spend looking each time? How often does the employee not find a document after looking and looking? Documage provides for fast retrieval with powerful search and grouping capabilities.

Traditional document imaging applications save each image in a TIFF file and then store a link to the TIFF file in a database. There are many problems with this technique. The images can be accidentally deleted, the links in the database can become corrupted, and the amount of disk space used is extremely large.

Documage is unique in that the images are stored in Microsoft SQL Server. This eliminates the problems listed above and provides easier system management such as backups and restores.

For Dynamics GP (Great Plains) environments, Documage for Dynamics has the added capability of attaching to AP invoices, GL entries, AP check remittances, and AP vendor cards. These documents are directly accessible from the Dynamics inquiry screens.

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