DrugScreen is a fast and efficient application which randomly selects employees for drug testing.

Here's how it works. You simply enter the number of employees to test and DrugScreen will select one random employee times the number entered. So if you select 20 employees, DrugScreen will randomly select 1 employee, remove them from the pool, then repeat this process 19 more times. The list can then be exported to Microsoft Excel or you can print a hardcopy.

Traditionally, some employees may think that they are unfairly tested more frequently than others or that others are not tested as much due to friendships or managerial bias.  By automating the drug screen selection process by computer, you remove any internal politics or personality conflicts. 

DrugScreen is designed to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) but we can provide a version to interface with just about any payroll system.  Contact us with your payroll system information and we will be glad to assist you!

Random Employee Drug Testing Selection for Windows

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