Technical Links

Computer Resources, Inc. - Great Plains Accounting, Business Process Software
Microsoft Knowledgebase - Great reference for Windows error messages - Hardware drivers for all peripherals - Hardware drivers for all peripherals
Help-Site On-Line Manuals - Reference manuals for misc. software and hardware
Google - Simple, Fast search engine with no clutter - Find addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, zip codes

Miscellaneous Links

The Garey Family Site - Photo Gallery
Mike & Jennifer's Wedding - July 1999 wedding photos from St. John, USVI
Jennifer's 2003 Surgery - Photos, journal, and other helpful scoliosis information.
Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary - Rescuer of domestic ducks & geese. - Your guide to everything Memphis
The Best Card Offers - Search for credit cards with the best rewards!
Crown Financial Ministries - Christian Financial Counseling
Prayers at Work - Weekly e-mail with five prayers for each work day.
Ministry to Men Foundation - Building strong Christian men across the USA
In Touch - Ministry of Charles Stanley; devotions, daily real audio messages


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